Edgar Cayce 3-Day Apple Fast

Edgar Cayce recommended 3-day Apple Fasts to hundreds of people to ‘cleanse all toxic forces from any body’ and said that fasting is one of the most effective ways of preventing disease. He himself fasted on apples for 3 days, three times a year.

This Apple Fast provides not only the benefits of the malic acid in apples, but also gives you large amounts of natural pectin fiber to cleanse the intestinal tract. The pectin leeches toxins from the blood stream and intestines and will leech anything with food value so do not eat anything else and do not take vitamins at this time. Edgar Cayce says that vitamins serve only to assist in the absorption and digestion of other foods and are useless by themselves, anyway. He goes on to suggest 3 week breaks from taking your vitamins so that your body doesn’t become dependant on them and thus fail to make the necessary substances required for the digestion of proper food. And, he adds, “Vitamins do not, will not, supply the energies as well as a meal a day which consisted of raw salad.” So, do as Edgar Cayce says and make sure you eat one raw-salad-with-the-works daily!

The pectin in apples helps to release heavy metals, chemicals and other substances into the blood stream, where it binds to them and flushes them from the body.

It’s called a fast because, by eating only (organic) apples, the body is fooled into a fasting mode, where it starts dumping toxins from the liver, kidneys, and other internal organs, into the bloodstream, where they can be leeched by the pectin.

Be sure to drink lots of warm water so that the toxins can be carried out of you more rapidly.

Apparently, if you are trying to quit smoking you should do a 3 day Apple Fast because the fast will purge all the toxic nicotine from your body and lessen your cravings.

“It would be well for this body, even after this, to have a three-day apple diet, even in its weakened condition we need to clear the system. For this will get rid of the tendencies for neuritic conditions in the joints of the body.” Edgar Cayce

A “regular Apple Diet would be well for the body – but don’t try to work like a horse when you are on the Apple Diet! or else we will find it will be more detrimental than helpful!” Edgar Cayce

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Let’s get started!

It is very simple: 

1. Eat only organic apples all day long.

I buy as many different varieties as I can to mix things up a bit and I usually eat 5 to 10 apples a day, depending on my hunger. Don’t worry about how many you eat. When you’re feeling hungry simply eat an apple and your hunger subsides. I like to cut my apples into quarters and core them…much nicer!

2. Drink warm water all day long.

This is key! I always fill up a glass wine bottle with half cold water and then half boiling water and keep it with me or near me whenever I’m at home. Just get into the habit of drinking warm water. Cold water isn’t good for digestion and elimination – but warm water stimulates peristalsis.

3. Do this for 3 days.

4. On the night of the third night take 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

This was Edgar Cayce’s idea way back when (before Hulda Clark made liver flushes popular) and is based on the same principle as the liver flushes that are popular now. When you don’t eat any fat for days, your liver and gallbladder store up bile. When you flood your system with fat (olive oil) all at once – your gallbladder and liver release all the stored bile and push out the cholesterol stones that have formed.

Note: pay attention to how you feel during this fast and what part of your body (if any) feels achy. Toxins are releasing! Be kind to yourself during the fast and get some rest. Let any emotions that have been pent up be leeched out of you along with all the other toxins. Let it all go, let it all out…

I suggest keeping a journal during the fast to see what bubbles up and needs your attention. Remember that you are cleansing yourself of all unwanted toxins: emotional, mental and physical.

It is pretty normal to have a raging headache on Day 2 – take heart, this means that it’s working! The toxins are getting stirred up and are leaving your body. Keep drinking that warm water to flush them out!

Happy Cleansing!

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