The Healing Protocol

In 2015 I had a health scare and I happened to be in Europe when it happened. So after a few weeks of barely holding it together we settled in Ibiza and I found a healer-therapist who gave me the following protocol. It worked~! Go here for the full story. The healer herself cured herself of MS.

First: Whenever I felt dizzy, like the world was tipping or I felt unbalanced I was to name all the objects around me. Look at them and simply name them. Tree. Car. Sidewalk. Sign. Person. Store. etc. This instantly took away the dizziness. I’m serious. Instant! If dizziness due to fear-stress-anxiety-panic-attack is your problem, you have to try it.

Every morning I would sit up in bed and do this:

1. A Five Minute Meditation.

Heal Yourself
We moved to an apartment in downtown Ibiza for our second week and I meditated and did my morning writing right here in my little bedroom.

I like how she said that 5 minutes is good to start (if she’d said 20 minutes I may not have done it!!) and I can even do it in bed, upon waking. Bonus! She told me to pick a word and just keep that word in my head and repeat it (I haven’t done much of that kind of meditation). I found I kept changing words from day to day trying to find a good fit.

2. Seven Minutes of Donna Eden’s Energy Exercises.

I had never heard of Donna Eden before. Sabina taught me some of Donna Eden’s energy exercises specific to my health issue. (and I still do them today every morning, I can’t believe it, nine months later! I’m a Sagittarius and Saturn is in Sagittarius so I guess I’m getting some discipline for once! **Note from 2016**)  After the meditation you just stay sitting on your bed (making this regimen so easy ) and start with the “Three Thumps” for immune boosting, calming, spleen, liver health, clarity, energy, then hold the “Oh my God” points on your forehead to bring the blood back into the forebrain and calm any stress. Then do the “Crown Pull” to calm the nervous system and release mental congestion and the “Triple Warmer Smoothie” to calm the anxiety. Then scooch to the edge of your bed so you’re sitting with your legs over the side and do the “Wayne Cook Posture” to reorder scrambled energies. Then stand up and do the “Cross Crawl” to harmonize your energies and think more clearly, the “8’s” (for healing energy), then the “Zip Up” for self-containment and confidence and then the “Hook Up” for accessing your power and health. You can either get Donna Eden’s book or search for her youtube videos for the specific energy exercises. I am pretty sure all of them are available on youtube. As soon as I got home I found this inspiring interview with her. She talks all about her own healing journey curing herself of MS and other ailments and how she can see energy and has defined at least nine different energy types that run through, around and outside our bodies. Sooooo cool!

3. Do this twenty minute Writing Exercise

Clear old hurts and betrayals with this writing exerciseEither sit back on your bed or go to a beautiful spot to write. I just loved this exercise! This is an important piece of the whole healing journey, so don’t skip it.

Sabina told me to write for twenty minutes so I would set the alarm on my phone for 20 minutes and when it went off I’d just finish up my thought and close my book.

Get a separate book for this exercise.

What you want to do is to recall every single event in your life that still bothers you. Whether it’s your guilt or embarrassment or the fact that someone was mean to you or betrayed you. Big or small, whatever it is: if it carries a charge and it still bothers you, this is an event to write about. Depending on the event, or person, I could write a full twenty minutes just on one person – but near the end I would have three separate events to write about during one twenty minute session.

The task may seem daunting but once you get going you’ll see how everything just comes flooding out of you.

An important detail of this exercise is that you write about your event as though you are writing to the person. You say hello and explain the situation to them as you saw and felt it. Really flesh out the details of the interaction. If it’s a situation where you are really hurt by their words or actions you just let them have it. Sock it to them. Tell them everything you felt and how much you hated them if you have to. Don’t hold back. Once all that anger, sorrow, hurt, rage is purged hopefully you can perhaps see their side of the whole story. At the very least you can probably acknowledge that they were trying their very best (perhaps they have a big character flaw *chuckle*) and/or considering who they are, how could you expect them to act any differently? And maybe even you’ll be able to see how it takes two to tango and perhaps your reaction was…. (fill in the blank) In the end, it’s nice if you can truly see the truth of the situation and accept it and them and forgive both yourself and the other person. (or maybe just them! )

So, you keep writing for twenty minutes a day until you have nothing more to write about! It took me about 15 days to be done. It might take you more or less.

Writing Exercise Burn Release Transform
After I burnt my pages I covered the spot with a rock and all the little things I’d collected over the past two weeks…

Once you feel like there is nothing more in there to bring up you take all your sheets of paper and burn them in a letting go ceremony – however you want to do it. As you watch the papers burn up and the smoke drift away imagine these hurts burning up and drifting away, too. By the time the burning ceremony had arrived I felt seriously purged. I didn’t even have to imagine the issues burning up – they already had! I was really amazed how the events I wrote about no longer carried a charge if my mind brushed up against them. They just seemed totally diffused.

Oh yeah, Sabina said that the reason you write to the person is because energetically they are actually available to receive what you’re saying to them. Soul to Soul! I loved that. Makes perfect sense to me.

4. Run or walk briskly for twenty minutes.

Natural Items for healing
The morning collection: shells, fennel, safe and rosemary

After your writing exercise is done put on your running shoes and sports bra (I had to get my first one ever – hahaha) and go for either a twenty minute brisk walk or a run or a walk-run. Not being an exerciser or a runner (I walked during runs for PE!) I was amazed at how fantastic I felt after just twenty minutes of running/walking outside! Wow. Revelation! I began to collect a few beautiful items on my run-walk that took on symbolic meaning (depending on what they were, how many there were or what colours they were) as I ran down these beautiful Ibizan country roads.

5. Before bed, write ten things in your Gratitude Journal that you were thankful for that day.

Do this every night before sleeping. You could be thankful for the smallest thing: the Sun was shining or my bed is super comfortable Or bigger: I felt thankful to spend time with my mom. The sky is the limit. But it has to be ten things and it has to be every night.

5. No Alcohol and no Coffee

No coffee, but hot chocolate!
I ended up having quite a few hot chocolates!

The only dietary restriction she gave me was: No Alcohol and no coffee. But, I liked how she said that she knew I was travelling and so if I wanted alcohol that’s fine – but just to know that when I’m back in Canada or Mexico I shouldn’t have any alcohol for 2 months straight. If I did this full regimen for two months she felt sure that I would feel so much better. So, I did and I do! I still feel great and healthy!! What a relief.

I think that’s it!

I sell a double pamphlet for this Healing Protocol in my shop for 20 pesos in case you prefer to hold it in your hands 🙂

I would not skip any part of this routine. Do the meditation, energy exercises, the writing exercise (might take two weeks or more), the twenty minute brisk walk or run and no alcohol or coffee for at least two months. If she and Donna Eden could both cure their MS, surely you can cure whatever it is that ails you.

Happy Healing!

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