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The Book Club has been put on hold due to prohibitively high taxes from DHL but I do have lots of interesting English-language books for sale in my shop. 95% of them are brand new, but I also have some out-of-print books and hard-to-find books that are second hand like The Magic of Findhorn and The American Prophet – Edgar Cayce and The Holographic Universe. These are some of my favourite books.

The Tarot and Oracles Cards are back in stock, as of April 21, 2024:

I just got these ones in June 16th, 2023:

I got some great tarot decks in. My new favourite: Wisdom of Hafiz! These cards are so poetic and beautiful. And the classic round Motherpeace deck which is such a goody, too. Of course the mini Rider-Waite is in stock and I have one Mayan Oracle deck of cards with in depth book, too.

The following books arrived January 15, 2023

I made some bookmarks with my favourite quotes and some of my photographs 🙂 10 pesos each or free if you purchase a book…


The original book shelf in 2022 when my shop was just one room

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    1. Hola Anna! I have extended the deadline to order books until tomorrow, December 8th – so I will place the order on December 9th. I will probably wait to collect the next book orders until January 24th and place that order on February 1st. Gracias! Tracey

  1. OH my goodness. this is the BEST little shop in Lo De Marcos ! if you haven’t met Tracey – well you are missing out – the great energy she exudes is contagious. Her care and love for her clients (future and present) shows; as she tours Mexico and beyond for wonderful items that we will all love, and love to have in our homes, or on our persons! I love the cups – they are perfect, for the beach, a picnic, and the pool!! I have two of the mats and LOVE them. so bright and cheerful. I haven’t had the need to stay at Casa Clara for the night – but have immensely enjoyed having cold drinks and great conversation in the incredible ambiance that Tracey has created. I just love being there. It is peaceful and bright and cheerful – a place to come and unwind and feel present. come on down to Lo De Marcos – its waiting for you.

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