Food Forest and Casa for Sale

This is the front of the casa that faces the little dirt road in front. The other side of the casa opens up to the acreage.

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This 6000m2 property (one and a half acres) has a mature food forest just waiting for it’s second story (ginger, turmeric) and vegetable and herb garden.

The old Nanci tree. The side of the house that opens up to the fruit trees and views.
View from the second floor terrace on a summers eve…
View from the second floor…those are the line of spanish cedar trees on the left/north side…
Summer harvest

Mature Trees include:

Tons of Banana trees
Ataulfo Mango
Probably 20 Tomi Mango trees
15 mature, producing, Cacao trees
10 or so Coconut palms
Ciruela/Plum trees
Jaka trees
Orange (I think there is one left – the Citrus grove had to be cut down)
Malay Apple (really amazing and exotic fruit that does really well here from Malaysia)

The stunning Malay Apple flowers before they become fruit!
Malay Apples and Cacao
The Cacao Grove
I process the cacao on my land and turn it into chocolate 🙂 The stages are: Ferment in a Banana Leaf for 10 days and then Sun Dry for a week and roast at a high heat, quickly, and then winnow – and you’ve got cacao nibs to grind up and make chocolates with! 🙂
I like to make toasted pecan, raisin, honey chocolates…


Chuckle. The only mold I could find around here at the time 🙂
The large banana grove!
One of the Yaka trees with a Cacao tree below it
The most delicious Ataulfo Mango tree! And a little lime on the right.
One of the cacao trees

There is plenty of space to build more casitas and for vegetable gardens.

I especially like this spot on the East side of the property that looks out onto this field. This section of the land has a papelio and parrota tree that I planted in anticipation of putting a little casita down here.

View at the East border looking out over the neighbours field.

A perfect vegetable garden spot on the South side of the house – you can look down on it from the second floor terrace. I was going to put a formal Mandala vegetable garden here.

Mapping out the Mandala Vegetable Garden

The land slopes East and has a beautiful view to the South across a field to the mountains.

The view to the south in the summer
Spring view to the South
The view south from the second floor terrace. The bedrooms open up to this terrace.

The Casa

The side that opens to the acreage

The red brick casa is made from bricks that are made just 3 minutes down the road. It is on three levels. The ground level isn’t finished but the plumbing and electricity is in and there is room for a living room, kitchen with island and a bathroom. The three sets of french doors open up to a flagstone terrace 3.50m deep and 15m long that has an iron pergola with the gorrrrgeous red rangoon creeper flowers cascading down in large bouquets. It’s really something. Makes for beautiful dappled sunlight at the long table on the terrace. The ground floor inside body of the house is 81m2.


The side that faces the dirt road


Unfinished inside of the ground floor looking out to the flagstone porch and rangoon-creeper-covered pergola


The delicious flowers that cover the pergola and bloom 7 months of the year. Amazing!
The ground peanut when it’s been watered!
Before the rangoon creeper began to cover the pergola. View to the Nanci and Cacao trees

The second floor houses two bedrooms that open up to a large indoor/outdoor palapa-covered terrace (this is where you spend most of your time!). There is one full bathroom with shower attached to the larger bedroom and a 1/2 bathroom attached to the smaller bedroom. This level is finished and is 81m2 as well. Out on the terrace is a long 3m wooden desk that looks out over the flowering rangoon creeper that covers the pergola below to the fruit trees beyond. There is also a cozy lounge area on the north side of the terrace that looks toward the south field and mountains. I have my makeshift kitchen up here on a table with a hotplate.

The bigger bedroom on the left with coloured cement tiles from Guadalajara


Morning view from the bed


Look at the bower of flowers on this level…


Luscious in the summertime


Bedroom number 2 with air conditioning and it’s own toilet and sink.


Coloured glass lights up at night in the WC 🙂 Bedroom #2


The perfect hammock spot at the end of the terrace
Makeshift kitchen


The Attic

The attic with several dormer windows – this is looking south.

An iron ladder takes you up to the palapa attic with dormer windows and a raised hammock chair spot that catches the breezes and has views over the fruit trees to the mountains. The attic is finished, as well, and is 71m2.

Looking North up in the attic


There’s a pulley system to get stuff up and down from the attic 🙂

There is electricity (CFE) but my water was recently cut off because the grandmothers house down the road was lending me her hose/mangera since she didn’t live there for years – but her house recently sold so they took their mangera back. This means it’s Pipa Water for now. One can always dig a well which is what both of my neighbours did. It looks like you hit water about 33m down.

I have a 10,000 liter cisterna with a bodega over it and a pressurized submersible pump which makes for GREAT pressure in the house. I also have a UV and carbon filtration system on the water that comes out of the cisterna 🙂

The earth is really fertile here – this is the land of rich red soil where all the crops are grown and the orchards thrive.

Ataulfo mangoes from the tree

Oh yes, the north side of the property is lined with “Spanish Cedar” trees – which are actually part of the mahogany tree family. The wood is excellent for guitar-making….they make a beautiful border.

Large Spanish Cedar trees

The land is Community Land – one step down from Ejido! But four years ago the government came around and measured all of our land saying that we were all getting Titles. We are still waiting! But, it looks like that’s right around the corner.

The 235m2 casa and 6000m2 of land is for sale.

Contact me at tracey*** if you are interested (the ***s are the @ symbol)

The casa is a 13 minute drive to THIS gorgeous lagoon and beach….mm mmm heaven!!


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